10% Mother, 90% Annie.

I’m new to blogging. Blogging for pleasure, that is. I blog daily for other people; for businesses too busy to craft 500 words on their new product/service/office. It’s the ideal job for me, as I can type, type, type all day without worrying where, when and how to publish the words. That’s someone else’s job….

Why I Won’t (Can’t) Help Out at the School Christmas Fair.

I’ve just received an email from the school PTA; an email seeking¬†enthusiastic and talented volunteers for the forthcoming, tedious as hell, school Christmas fair. (‘Fair’ – a term widely misused. Wallpaper tables of other children’s Rice Krispie cakes, tombolas with other children’s unwanted cast-offs and the forced-down-your-throat shitty raffle, does not a fair make.)¬† As…