10% Mother, 90% Annie.

I’m new to blogging. Blogging for pleasure, that is. I blog daily for other people; for businesses too busy to craft 500 words on their new product/service/office. It’s the ideal job for me, as I can type, type, type all day without worrying where, when and how to publish the words. That’s someone else’s job. Until now. Now I have my own blog and I want people to read it. How self-centred does that sound?!

My small library of social media books tells me I need to reach out to other bloggers; to ‘like’ what they write and to pass on their entertaining words to my followers. Bit tricky that second task, as I have a new Twitter account too. So, I need Twitter followers and blog subscribers. But where to start?

I’ve searched Twitter for like-minded followers and I’ve found 2 or 3. This means I’m either too peculiar to share similarities with, or the cool kids are hard to find.

What I can see, is a proliferation of mummy blogs, which would be awesome if they were writing about the things that interest me. Yes, I’m a mummy, but I don’t want to read about how tired you are (who isn’t?!), how much weight you gained in pregnancy (we all did); nor hear about your new kitchen (fascinating); how good you look in your H&M jeans (illuminating), and how much baby sick you’re wearing (been there).

I’m a mum, but that makes up 10% of who I am. I adore my children, but I don’t worship them. I love them more than I thought imaginable, but I don’t always want to discuss how many peas my daughter ate today. And I couldn’t care less how many yours ate.

I’m happy to be mum-plus for a bit. But not too long. I’ll make play-dough, bake jam tarts and decorate cookies, but I’ll also seek intellectual and challenging conversation elsewhere. I want to find the bloggers who go beyond the derivative, child-centric mush, and who realise that being a mum does not define who we are. There is more to us than puréed food and play-dates. If this is all we write about, we’re stuck in a black hole of self-pity and tedium.

So, if you know where I can find those writing about the woes of Jeremy Corbyn, the Paris climate talks, or whether we should/shouldn’t bomb Syria, do point them in my direction. Please be quick, before my brain turns to breadcrumbs.

Although, no need to get too heavy. I like a decent sex blog; anyone discussing the relationship between Carrie and Quinn, or anything genuinely funny. I’m sure my tribe is out there somewhere. Have you seen them?







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  1. kathybruton2 says:

    I’m giggling my way through your blog. Thanks. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Annie says:

      Ha ha, and no doubt thinking, ‘eeew, too much information!!’
      Thank you. Pleased you like it. It might not be for everyone. Eek 🙂 xx


      1. kathybruton2 says:

        Nah, you’re just saying what everyone is thinking…but with a witty twist. I love it!


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