I’m a professional ‘hands tied’ blogger by day, a free-to-write-what-I-want blogger by night! Yes, blogging is a professional job; my full time job, yet most of the blogs I write are tediously dull. Subjects such as life-insurance, double-glazing, search engine algorithms, customer-service and oak furniture make me wonder why I ever became a blogger for hire.

And then Stop Banging was born. An (almost) anonymous blog where I can blurt out tales of awkward married sex, unwanted facial hair, boring mum-friends and living life in mediocre-city.

Keeping the blog anonymous enables me to be completely free; to write without constraint; to write without fear my dad will read my words and never come for tea again.

Also, the companies I write for probably don’t want to be associated with someone discussing the vexing length of their pubic hair nor the awkwardness of changing a sanitary-towel in the office unisex toilet.

So, if you walk in the opposite direction of life, fall short of ‘normal’ and consider yourself uncompromisingly unconventional, you may like to follow and share my blog. I hope it’ll be a timely antidote to the proliferation of  ‘which lip-gloss goes with what’ blogs.

Thanks for stopping by.

Annie. x
ps. Take a peek at the ‘rules of engagement’ page before reading on. It’ll let you know what to expect from this blog. Now you can’t blame me, should any post offend.

Pps. Stop banging is not a reference to my husband’s over-enthusiasm for DIY, nor protest at my neighbours’ sexual activity. It’s the two words I yell at my children the most.

Ppps. You can follow my Twitter ramblings too (it’s where I hang-out when I have a pending deadline or something very important to do).


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  1. Lisa V says:

    By the way…I just read your “About” page and got the reference to your blog name before you ever explained it. Funny!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Annie says:

      Ha, that’s good. My husband didn’t get it!!

      Liked by 1 person

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